February 2017 Newsletter

2017 Colgate Games – Taking Pride to the South

What a fantastic facility, what a great welcome we received, and how eagerly the athletes anticipated the competition that was to come. But I can’t help but think that holding the 2017 Colgate Games on the edge of the Antarctic Circle was an error of judgement. Someone must have had their GPS upside down when they planned that one!

However, weather is only weather and our kids compete under the same sky, so with a few revised clothing choices (the souvenir blankets sold out in the first hour or so) and the Games began.

This is only my second Colgates, though I am a veteran of four Canterbury Champs. Every time I am struck by the spirit of the games and how it brings out the best in the athletes and in us all. There’s always great camaraderie between clubs, but at the big competitions even that gets cranked up a few notches – a big thanks to Selwyn for their help, for a place to store our gazebo overnight that prevented the wind from taking it home prematurely, and for their irrepressible good cheer.

Before I hand over to Frouke who knows exactly how well we did, and who was or wasn’t wearing their lucky socks when they did it, I’d just like to say the South were wonderful hosts and great competitors, but they don’t have the monopoly on pride. We brought our own, and brought it back with interest and more than our fair share of bling.

Well done everyone, and not just the kids who were outstanding, but the adults who made it all possible – in particular Amanda and Frouke who made a brilliant team, complete with their support crew. A winning formula for a winning club.

Thanks Mick for the intro, over to the results now. Btw, after Marcus Blair went home early after injuring himself, we had 27 athletes and 50 PB’s set over the 3 days, yes 50!

27 athletes and 29 medals!!! Our club came 2nd in the medal tally, and that s not a bad result indeed!!


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