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Welcome to to the Cross Country and Road Running section of our web site. If there's anything further you need to know than what is shown here, don't hesitate to contact one of the members listed later in this page.

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Port Hills has a very strong Cross-Country and Road running section that is active year round although the competitive interclub season is through winter. As with all our Club activities everyone is catered for, from young to old and from expert to novice. There are Club runs on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays from our clubrooms in Hansen Park where there are comfortable facilities for changing and showering as well as morning or afternoon teas. The Club also offers an extensive training programme for adults and children. For the adults there are training sessions on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays covering the whole range from extended hill runs to speed sessions. Training is organised year round apart from a break over the summer holidays. For the children there are training runs too.

We are active in all the Athletics Canterbury interclub competitions both cross-country and road. The various relay races including the famous Takahe to Akaroa road relay are particularly popular. As well, members compete in Junior, Seniors and Masters´ competitions and various Canterbury regional and national competitions. A number of these events have become a traditional part of the Club´s activities and are enjoyed as social as well as competitive occasions.

Peter Watts, Club Captain, Cross-Country and Road


The winter sport of cross country running is not only a great enjoyable sport in its own right but it builds great strength for other athletics disciplines and for other team sports. Port Hills has a strong winter programme for children aged 5+. This covers all the winter athletics disciplines of cross country and road running, both individual and relays.

There is an inter-club competition approximately every second Saturday afternoon which generally means children can take part in Saturday morning team sports as well as competing in running events.

Our goal is to provide a structured and fun environment for all ages and skills with a view to keep kids interested in running and assisting anyone keen on improving their running skills.

TRAINING - Starts March 31st, 2014
Programmes will be made available to club members that target specific events throughout the season. Each different age group is catered for. Specific training sessions available as follows:

  • Tuesday 4:45PM, Hansen Park. This is a Port Hills members training session, however, people interested in joining are more than welcome to come along and try out the training. This caters for any age and focus is on speed. Ask for Paul Johnston. For further details contact Paul on 332 1894
  • Wednesday 5:00PM, Victoria Park. This is a hill run using the Harry Ell track and caters for all ages. Simply come to the main car park and ask for Phil Chapman. For further details, contact Phil on 322 4266.
  • Thursday 5:00PM, Hagley Park. We meet at Ayr street with the adults opposite North Hagley Park. This involves a 10 minute warm-up run followed by interval training. This caters for the 12+ age group or anyone capable of a 10+ minute run and some interval work. For further details contact Paul on 332 1894


Our coaches are all qualified level 2 distance coaches who also run and have vast experience with coaching children (and adults).

If you would like further information on the children's cross country and road section you can contact:

Paul Johnston  332 1894 or 027 405 8229 (Junior Cross Country and Road Club Captain)
Phil Chapman  322 4266
Peter Watts  332 1964 (Senior Cross Country and Road Club Captain)
Peter King  341 1154


The Club Week

This is intended as a guide to regular club activities for members and interested persons. At each run, groups of similar ability walk or run for between one and two hours. Please phone the contact numbers to confirm the time and location of each run. All abilities welcome. The runs below refer to the adult section of the club.


5:00 PM Steady state/speed workouts, Ayr Street, Hagley Park: Pete Watts 332-1964


5:00 PM

Hill reps/circuit training, Sign of the Takahe: Pete Watts 332-1964


9:30 AM Hill run/walk for all levels, Hansen Park: Glen Watts 332-1964


5:00 PM Steady state/speed workouts, Ayr Street, Hagley Park: Pete Watts 332-1964


9:30 AM A run/bike/walk for all fitness levels, Hansen Park: Graham White 332-7147


TBA See Calendar for details for Saturday


7:30 AM Hill run (long run), Port Hills, 31 Dunn Street: Pete Watts 332-1964

Hill Climb start

The start of the 2008 Port Hills Club Hill Climb

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